Download Gunplay Acquitted Mixtape

The steamroller-voiced Miami rap psychopath Gunplay recently came off of house arrest, and that means he’s free to crank out as much furious bug-eyed thud-rap as he could possibly want. But with Acquitted, his new mixtape, Gunplay’s limited himself to nine new songs, plus an intro, and the only remotely famous guest-rapper is Young Scooter. Still, the man always raps like it’s the only thing holding the atoms in his body together, and everything he does is worth hearing. On first listen, Acquitted finds him relaxing his intensity a bit and even getting vaguely introverted, and that’s a fascinating thing to hear. There’s still a song where he’s yelling about pussy falling from the sky on the chorus, though, so don’t worry. Download the tape at Datpiff.

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