Download After Dark 2 For Free

A couple of weeks ago, the Italians Do It Better label released the great After Dark 2 compilation, which featured unreleased tracks from dark, vibed-out Johnny Jewel Italo projects like Chromatics, Glass Candy, Mirage, Symmetry, and Desire. It’s the rare compilation that keeps both a signature sound and a consistent level of quality throughout, and if you’re going to spend any time driving through desolate rain-streaked downtown areas at night anytime soon, it’s your obvious go-to soundtrack. And now, Jewel has gone ahead and posted the entire 77-minute, 15-track thing as a free continuous-track mp3. Stream or download it below.

After Dark 2 is out now on Italians Do It Better, and you can still pay money for the individual-tracks version at iTunes.

Tags: Johnny Jewel