Stereogum Reluctantly Hearts Out Hud

Stereogum saw Out Hud open for the Faint (I think) a few years ago. We hated the show. No one was dancing (except the aggressive hippies). The banter was even more annoying than the songs. When I discovered their tongue twisting titles (“L Train Is A Swell Train And I Don’t Want To Hear You Indies Complain,” “Dad, There’s A Little Phrase Called Too Much Information,” etc…) I couldn’t bring myself to take Out Hud any more seriously than I did the Liars.

Sure I was judging them for superficial reasons, but can you blame me? This album cover looks like it’s literally made out of shit.

See? Fuglier than Lizzie Grubman’s soul.

Anyway I’m happy to report a change of heart about the band. Let Us Never Speak Of It Again is a new favorite subway companion — delirious dance-pop, smart and innovative, that belies the group’s signature silliness. Sexy sing-song vocals are an especially welcome shift in focus. When they mingle with panting and ringing on “It’s For You,” for example, you hear “Genius Of Love” Basement Jaxx stizz. Recommended if you like other IDM faves Ratatat, LCD and !!!, with whom Out Hud shares members. (By the way, !!! is releasing a single in a few weeks with covers of Magnetic Fields and Nate Dogg. Yes, Nate Dogg.)

They’ve even given up the verbose titles, save for one track on the new album. It’s called “Dear Mr. Bush, There Are Over 100 Words For Shit And Only 1 For Music. Fuck You, Out Hud” and even I admit that’s funny.

Check out this trippy instrumental. Out Hud – “2005 A Face Odyssey” (MP3)

A bit towards the end reminds me A LOT of Genesis’ “Mama.” I put 30secs from ‘em back to back so you know what I’m talking ’bout Willis: “Mama-dyssey” (MP3)

So go treat yourself to some Out Hud. And if you’re a closet Genesis fan like me, you must check out this rare Peter Gabriel MP3 archive. I downloaded about 70 songs from there yesterday. Beats waiting ten years between albums.