Watch Kylesa Play “To Forget,” “Said And Done,” And “Hollow Severer” In A Living Room

Georgian sludge-metal outfit Kylesa has had us at full attention these days: Tom called their new Ultravioletone of the year’s best rock LPs thus far”; it was our Album Of The Week to close out May; and it made our list of the top 25 best albums of 2013 so far. And recently, in support of Ultraviolet, Kylesa performed three of their most beloved older tracks on the Violitionist Sessions.

The Sessions are a series of interviews and performances with bands that either hail from Denton, TX, or are passing through the town: Each group performs three songs, “live in a living room with no overdubs and no fancy tricks,” and answers three questions specific to the group. This past May, the Southern hard-rockers made their way to Denton to take part in the series, and recorded living-room performances of three canonical Kylesa tracks: “To Forget,” from 2010’s Spiral Shadow; “Said And Done,” from 2009’s Static Tensions; and “Hollow Severer,” from 2006’s Time Will Fuse Its Worth. Below, check out the video recordings of Kylesa tearing up the tiny room.

And here is the audio recording of the live sessions:

Ultraviolet is out now via Season Of Mist.

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