YACHT Remixes Stereolab, Ratatat

Remixes can be a dime a dozen (or a penny a laptop), but after listening to YACHT’s tweaks of Stereolab and Ratatat tunes for a couple days, we figured they were more than worth posting. Jona Bechtolt’s revamping of Ratatat’s LP3 track “Mirando” transforms the song into a new entity, layering different noodles, bleeps, and percussion while stripping away a chunk of the instrumentation and replacing what’s vacated with deep-voiced hip-hop reps about a sibling’s artillery. (Goes well with Ratatat’s explosive video for the original.) As far as Stereolab, Bechtolt ups “Self Portrait With ‘Electric Brain'”‘s dance-floor factor without losing the space-age bachelor cool.

Ratatat – “Mirando (YACHT Remix)” (MP3)
Stereolab – “Self Portrait With ‘Electric Brain’ (YACHT Remix)” (MP3)

While listening, take a look at the art for each remix at YACHT’s Flickr. More info at Team YACHT (scroll).