New Matthew Sweet Live Video – “Byrdgirl” (Acoustic)

We recently let you know about a few Matthew Sweet streams related to his new record, Sunshine Lies. The consensus? The commenters, most of them “longtime fans,” weren’t impressed with the sounds (“Blech, I love Matthew Sweet and was looking forward to this, but I’ve heard it and it sucks,” “Speaking as a longtime Sweet fan, I hate to say it but these songs are dreadful,” etc.), but it was noted that “Byrdgirl” is one of brighter moments on an otherwise “disappointing album.” In this video, Sweet does an acoustic take on the byrd song. Let’s see if he wins anybody back. Or maybe his new material’s simply as bad as his spelling.

Not entirely sure what GetBack is all about, or if they get the metaphor, but it was nice of them to focus poignantly on the girl with the bird.

Sunshine Lies is out 8/26 on Shout! Factory.