The 5 Best Songs Of The Week

The 5 Best Songs Of The Week

The 5 Best Songs Of The Week is a new column that will highlight the tunes the Stereogum staff found to be the foremost music of the past seven days. The primary qualification for eligibility is that a song is new to us and can be heard online, so even if it only exists as a YouTube of a building-side video projection, we’ll consider it for this column. Like Straight To Video, every once in a while something we haven’t already posted might pop up on here, too. When songs are released as singles or videos, they’re back up for consideration even if they’re on albums that aren’t brand new. For this first installment, we step away from the consistently-engaging Yeezus, but find a lot of joy in things similarly noisy and political, a basement recording from one of our favorite Nirvana-inspired bands, and two more cuts. Check out what we’ve crowned the five best songs of 6/14-20 below.

5. Blouse – “No Shelter”

Valley girl-acid trip-pop, Post-punk French café music, or SoCal-ain’t-tough-enough haze? The Portland band delivers all of the above here, fusing each bit into one fx-laden whoozer. When singer Charlie Hilton coos, “there is no shelter from this kind of cold,” I want to argue that this is, in fact, exactly the track to do it. Happy summer! — Claire

4. Pop. 1280 – “Lights Out”

Self-consciously sinister Brooklyn noise goobers discover the power of a good Cramps riff, letting their guitars drool and prowl and shimmy. Lyrically, we’re practically in Danzig territory, which is a good place to be, and frontman Chris Bug yells at us like we just stole the last beer from his fridge. Not an Angry Samoans cover, sadly. – Tom

3. Nude Beach – “What Can Ya Do”

I grew up in the same Long Island town that produced these Brooklyn transplants, but the water commission must’ve started putting better fluoride in the reservoirs or something, because my teenage life was never as much fun as a Nude Beach song. “What Can Ya Do” is a keg-party-turned-sound: loud, chaotic, warm, inviting, and just dangerous enough. The melodies spin upward and outward, like smoke off the tip of a Marlboro Light, until it all hits the heavens. — Michael

2. M.I.A. – “Bring The Noize”

It’s no “Bad Girls,” let alone “Paper Planes,” but this skittery mess of jackhammer bass and breathless rapping fuses the choatic, world-breaking majesty of Kala to the frenetic sound-overload assault of /\/\/\Y/\. And when that hardcore-rave keyboard riff bulldozes in, it’s game over. Gorgeous coda, too. — Tom

1. DIIV – “Dust”

The DIIV dudes are calling this preview of “Dust” a “rough idea demo” so we can only imagine what a fully-formed version will actually be like. But it’s a prime example that they know how to keep a tight grasp on their breezy output while evolving into a twinkling future. The cymbals sooth, the hook riffs wail, and the wall of sound is something you want to, well, dive into. — Claire

What’s your favorite new song(s) of the week?

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