Robyn – “U Should Know Better” (Feat. Snoop Dogg) Video

Three years ago, Robyn released the mini-album Body Talk, Pt. 2, which included the ridiculously catchy Snoop Dogg collab “U Should Know Better.” Three years later, she’s made a video for the song. Why? It doesn’t matter why! She’s Robyn! She does what she wants! More to the point: Holy shit, this song still kicks so many different varieties of ass. The video features young gender-flipped British lookalikes of both Robyn and Snoop, neither of whom really looks that much like Robyn or Snoop. It is a fun, cartoonishly surreal affair, and you can watch it below.

Body Talk, Pt. 2 is out now on Konichiwa, and the way Robyn says “guillotine” still slays me.

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