Watch Drake’s Nothing Was The Same Trailer

Yesterday, October’s Very Own released two new tracks by Drake, “The Motion” and “Jodeci Freestyle.” We also learned from Drake that his new album, Nothing Was The Same, will be out on September 17. Today Drake released a trailer for the new album, which you can watch below. In the trailer, Drake is at home playing pool with his friends when his Grammy award for Best Rap Album arrives in a brown cardboard box. He immediately picks up a styrofoam cup filled with booze, pours it into the Grammy, and starts drinking out of the golden trophy. “Everybody has to do a shot,” he tells his crew. “That’s crazy man,” he says repeatedly, staring at the award. “It didn’t hit me until right now.” He then spends some time reflecting on his hopes and dreams of years past, and wondering about the future.

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