Stream Oberhofer Cannibalism, Freud, Night of 3.15.13, Morning of 3.16.13 EP

This new Oberhofer EP is either incredibly fresh, or incredibly old, news to you, depending on the relative depth of your love for Brad Oberhofer. On a restless night back in March, young Ob posted a message to Facebook: “Tonight I’m going to write and record an album and post it somewhere tomorrow.” And from 12:30AM to 8:30AM, he did just that, conceiving, recording, and posting a five-track, 18-minute set titled Cannibalism, Freud, Night of 3.15.13, Morning of 3.16.13. Of the impetus, Brad says simply: “I was just tired of not releasing material.” The songs appeared in the set chronologically, in the order they were written and recorded — until Oberhofer’s label Glassnote had the EP taken down, as its unapproved dissemination was a breach of their contract. The two sides are simpatico, though, and Brad has negotiated the ability to produce and distribute new music more spontaneously. And so now here, for you, is Oberhofer’s long-lost midnight classic Cannibalism, Freud, Night of 3.15.13, Morning of 3.16.13. Brad’s tipped “Winter Has Come and Gone Again” and “Your Blood Will Always Flow” as his favorites, though you are entitled to your own preferences — and if you’re an admirer of Oberhofer’s freewheeling melodicism and whooping, bittersweet pop-rock prowess, these 18-or-so minutes present you with solid options. Listen:

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