David Lynch – “Star Dream Girl”

David Lynch has made a couple of movies, but he’s relatively new to the music game. Lynch’s sophomore album The Big Dream arrives next month, and we’ve already posted its one bonus track, the Lykke Li collab “I’m Waiting Here.” Lynch has referred to the album as “a hybrid, modernized form of low-down blues,” and “Star Dream Girl,” the first song we’ve heard from the album proper, certainly bears that idea out. It’s a cryptic, electronic blues-rock song, with Lynch reciting lyrics that, according to him, are inspired by an experience trying to go see Jerry Lee Lewis live in Idaho in 1961. Listen to the song and read Lynch’s words about it below.

Lynch’s description of the song:

After I moved away from Boise, Idaho, I came back in the summer of ’61. Around that time, Jerry Lee Lewis was supposed to play at this big club in the Sagebrush Desert — I think it was called the Miramar. Back then, these big events would catch people’s imaginations. They would take their motorcycles or hot rods to these remote places to see some star. So we all drove out to this place, but Jerry never showed up and people were really pissed off. ‘Star Dream Girl’ has that same kind of charisma. People can’t wait to see her and come from miles around…The lyrics came to me all at once, but there was no music yet. Then one night, Dean (Hurley) was playing guitar in the studio and I was egging him on when he caught a wave like the surfers out in Hawaii. He was in the tunnel man…and the lyrics married with that ride.

(via Pitchfork)

The Big Dream is out 7/16 on Sacred Bones.

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