Bloc Party – “Ratchet” Video

I missed Bloc Party when they came to Sasquatch! this year, but if you were there (or at some of their other recent live shows) you’ve heard “Ratchet,” a track from their upcoming EP, Nextwave Sessions. It’s a solid new song that is equal parts dance and post-punk (dance…punk? Could such a combination even be possible?!) and it comes with a pretty strange music video. If you’re a dedicated fan, you may initially be confused because the video for “Ratchet” is exactly the same as “Octopus.” The only difference being that while “Octopus” became a little bizarre after the opening shot of drummer Matt Tong, this new one becomes absolutely deranged. What starts out with the band playing normally quick mutates into a strange glitchy display as Kele Okereke grows multiple heads, until eventually the band becomes one ever expanding fractal. Check it out below, and look for more from the EP soon.

The Nextwave Sessions EP is out 8/12 on Frenchkiss Records

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