The Stills – “Eastern Europe”

Montreal quintet the Stills are poised to release their third album Oceans Will Rise (via Arts & Crafts) next week then head out on an American tour with Kings Of Leon this fall. This installment of the ‘Gum Drop includes triumphant Oceans standout “Eastern Europe.” We asked vocalist/guitarist Tim Fletcher about the story behind the track.

“Eastern Europe” feels like a travel narrative, a movement from displacement (or a sense of alienation) to a sunnier trip homeward. There are a few moments in the beginning where the protagonist feels chicken, etc. That awkwardness runs counter to the feeling at the end — love blowing and howling around the streets. What events inspired the song? How personal is it?
It’s all about taking a time and place that was terrible and painful and remaking it beautiful to let it be that way forever in your mind like a tribute and place you can go to to feel warm again, to watch it all unfold and remember it kindly. Every word of it is true. Yes. Every place been to, every mile traversed, every feeling felt, every sparkling-soul cracked-universe vision seen, every little step truly taken, every event totally true, true, true! Yes yes yes! One time only relive ALL your memories here for the price of one!! Come one, come all!! (West Berliners check local heartbreak sweepstakes coupon flipsides for eligibility). Miracles do happen, baby. They really do.


Check out those Kings Of Leon dates in detail at the band’s website.

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