Ovlov – “Where’s My Dini?” (Feat. Sadie Dupuis)

Ovlov – “Where’s My Dini?” (Feat. Sadie Dupuis)

Throughout the year we’ve been exploring a collection of loosely connected bands able to sift through the sounds of the ’90s and reassemble them as something fractured, modern, and really infectious. In other words, Speedy Ortiz, Two Inch Astronaut, and Fat History Month have been on our minds (and our speakers) for a while now. Another band from this scene, Ovlov, hasn’t gotten quite as much attention, but the Connecticut trio practically demands it on their slow-burning new single.

“Where’s My Dini?” features guest vocals from Speedy frontwoman Sadie Dupuis — vocals put to great use when matched with singer Steve Hartlett’s sad, longing voice. One of the major strengths of the track is just how big and lush it grows while maintaining that painful core. By the time it reaches the final minute and the drums have begun crashing it becomes the perfect song for a lonely early-AM drive during a hot summer night. Listen below and look for their debut album, AM, out next week.

AM is out 7/2 on Exploding In Sound Records

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