Radiator Hospital – “Our Song”

Radiator Hospital is the songwriting project of Sam Cook-Parrott, a Philadelphia-via-Michigan musician who writes introspective home-recorded ballads that occasionally get amped-up into angsty, higer-fi pop punk songs. (You may recognize his voice from the album version of Waxahatchee’s “Peace and Quiet.”) For the past few years, Cook-Parrott has been releasing music under this moniker in limited runs for tiny DIY labels, most recently the Some Distant Moon EP last November. “I love the melodrama, stuff like ‘this moment is the most important moment of all time’,” Cook-Parrot said in an interview last year, prior to that release. “Or ‘if this kiss doesn’t happen we’ll all die.’ And of course that isn’t how it is, but sometimes you do live those moments, as silly as that may be.” It’s certainly a feeling that also resonates throughout his newest album, Something Wild.

“Every other morning I wake up and find that you’re gone,” he sings on “Our Song,” barely stopping for a breath to get out all of his anxious thoughts. “The note says you went for a jog / Maybe you’re just tired of sleeping in or maybe you’d rather be running away,” he guesses, backed up by powerpop guitars. The charm of Something Wild comes in little moments like that, plainspoken lines and classic age-old sentiments about relationships and miscommunications. Below, stream “Our Song” as well as “Are You Feeling Me?,” a track that features guest vocals by Cook-Parrott’s roommate, Allison Crutchfield of Swearin’. The album was partially self-recorded and partially recorded by Swearin’ guitarist/singer Kyle Gilbride in the house where they all live. It’s out next month via Salinas Records, and available to download for free now via the long-running DIY-advocating website If You Make It.