Belle & Sebastian – “Your Cover’s Blown (Miaoux Miaoux Remix)” + New Compilation Details

I was just on the phone with Chris DeVille talking about Belle & Sebastian, and maybe 30 seconds after we hung up — if that — I got an email from Matador with a new Belle & Sebastian track and details for the band’s upcoming compilation. The NSA, man. Spooky. Anyway, the new track is a remix of “Your Cover’s Blown,” which initially appeared on the band’s 2004 EP, Books, and is here reworked into spectral, psychedelic glam-dance number by Glasgow producer Miaoux Miaoux. The comp is called The Third Eye Centre, and includes 19 non-album tracks collected roughly between 2003 and 2010 — which covers the band’s entire resurgence period, starting with Dear Catastrophe Waitress. Says Matador: “Consider The Third Eye Centre the successor of sorts to Push Barman To Open Old Wounds (2005), which compiled earlier singles and EPs.” Works for me. Check out the new track and The Third Eye Centre tracklist below.


01. “I’m A Cuckoo (Avalanches Remix)”
02. “Suicide Girl”
03. “Love On The March”
04. “Last Trip”
05. “Your Secrets”
06. “Your Cover’s Blown (Miaoux Miaoux Remix)”
07. “I Took A Long Hard Look”
08. “Heaven In The Afternoon”
09. “Long Black Scarf”
10. “The Eighth Station Of The Cross Kebab House”
11. “I Didn’t See It Coming (Richard X Mix)”
12. “(I Believe In) Travellin’ Light”
13. “Stop, Look And Listen”
14. “Passion Fruit”
15. “Desperation Made A Fool Of Me”
16. “Blue Eyes Of A Millionaire”
17. “Mr Richard”
18. “Meat And Potatoes”
19. “The Life Pursuit”

The Third Eye Centre is out 8/27 via Matador.