Ghost B.C. – “Monstrance Clock” Video

The flamboyant Swedish horror-metal goofs Ghost B.C. — or, if you’re outside the litigious U.S., just plain Ghost — released their Infestissumam album earlier this year, and they made a great little ’70s-style supernatural thriller out of their “Year Zero” video. But the band’s members are already such absurd characters that they don’t have to make a threatrical video; they can just get someone to point cameras at their live show. That’s what they do with their video for the Infestissumam track “Monstrance Clock,” filming shows in New York and L.A. and giving us priceless image of a skull-faced Satanic pope figure stalking the tiled hallways of a nightlcub backstage area. Rob Semmer directs; watch it below.

Infestissumam is out now on Loma Vista.