Venom Confection

BV has some pics from Friday’s Beck show at Hiro, along with hilarious excerpts from Craigslisters willing to do ANYTHING for a ticket. Check ‘em here. Elsewhere, Pitchfork rates three remixes exclusive to the Guero: Collector’s Edition. Stereogum-faves Boards of Canada receive four stars; Dizzee and Röyksopp, not so much. Buyer beware — some DJ cowboys are griping that the accompanying DVD is riddled with technical glitches.

Hiro setlist via Jason who was underwhelmed by the show. Gotta love random dancing dude, though. Mighty Mighty Bosstones stizz.

Every day a different Beck remix is rocking the iPod. This one’s credited to Green, Music, & Gold. No clue who they are, but I dig the good vibrations…
Beck – “Venom Confection (E-Pro Remix By Green, Music & Gold)” (MP3)