Miguel – “Adorn (Remix)” (Feat. Jessie Ware)

Miguel’s “Adorn” is maybe the greatest popular triumph of restrained, zoned-out soul music in recent memory, and London relative newcomer Jessie Ware has already exhibited a total mastery of restrained, zoned-out soul music. It just makes sense to bring the two together. A new remix of “Adorn” takes Miguel’s original and, through some studio wizardry, turns it into something like a duet with Ware, even though Miguel didn’t re-record his vocals or anything. So maybe it speaks to how good a singer Ware is: She can pull chemistry out of thin air even when she’s singing alongside a vocal that everyone’s already heard, one that’s more than a year old. Ware’s remix of “Adorn” aired on BBC radio earlier today, and you can it below.

Miguel’s Kaleidoscope Dream is out now on RCA, and Ware’s Devotion is out now on PMR. Both are amazing.