Yo La Tengo – “Ohm” Video

Ohm,” the sighing drone that opens Yo La Tengo’s excellent new album Fade, is one hell of a song, and when I saw them earlier this year, they played two different versions of it in the same show. The song’s new video is a fantastical animated affair, one that stars various clones of band members, a tentacled VW bug, a way-too-complicated mathematical equation, and, I’m pretty sure, the cigar-chomping cartoon baby from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Lil Bush creator Donick Cary directed the video, and you can watch it below.

Fade is out now on Matador, and a forthcoming triple-12″ single version of “Ohm” will include “a printed flat in a 4-box poly shower curtain display case,” whatever that is.