of Montreal – “fugitive air”

Veteran Athens, Georgia art-freaks of Montreal continue to crank out albums with commendable speed, and they’ve now announced plans to follow up last year’s Paralytic Stalks with a new album called lousy with sylvianbriar. The band recorded the new one in a home studio on a 24-track recorder, and they’re promising something a little more stripped-down than their frantically busy last few albums. Frontman Kevin Barnes tells Pitchfork that he “wanted the songs to be more lyric driven, and for the instrumental arrangements to be understated and uncluttered.” First single “fugitive air” certainly bears that out; it’s a beautifully executed Kinks-style snort-strut. Listen and check the tracklist below.

01 “fugitive air”
02 “obsidian currents”
03 “belle glade missionairies”
04 “sirens of your toxic spirit”
05 “colossus”
06 “triumph of disintegration”
07 “amphibian days”
08 “she ain’t speakin’ now”
09 “hegira émigré”
10 “raindrop in my skull”
11 “imbecile rages”

Lousy with sylvianbriar is out 10/8 on Polyvinyl.

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