Jonathan Boulet – “I’m Down” (Beck Cover)

Beck Hansen’s forward thinking experiment in sound transmission/throwback to Tin Pan Alley sound transmission Song Reader, the album available only as sheet music, has made ripples worldwide, and inspired a legion of artists to bring this material to life by covering Beck themselves. And this includes Beck himself, who got up onstage in London with Jarvis Cocker, Franz Ferdinand, and many others, at one such Song Reader event. Another Song Reader get together transpired in Australia, though Beck was there only in spirit (and notation). Instead it featured a group of Aussies including, amongst others, Modular surfer/songwriter Jonathan Boulet, who offered a version of “I’m Down.” The participating artists went further, recording their interpretations for a compilation called Song Reader – Sydney Sessions, with proceeds benefitting the non-profit arts organization Sydney Story Centre. You can hear Boulet’s take below:

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