Mike D – “Umberto Vs. The New Reactionaries: Christine And The Queens Remixx”

Nobody’s expecting the surviving Beastie Boys to make another album or anything, so Mike D and Ad-Rock can now busy themselves with whatever passion projects might float their way. Mike D was most recently making the online rounds because of a New York Times slideshow feature on his renovated Brooklyn house, and his latest musical project has some of that rich-cool-guy-at-leisure feel, too. The Kenzo fashion line recently commissioned Mike to make a soundtrack for its Spring/Summer 2014 show, and Mike delivered a 10-minute song that he gave the ungainly title “Umberto Vs. The New Reactionaries: Christine And The Queens Remixx.” The track flits back and forth between the old-school trash-can New York hardcore that he was making as a teenager and the synth-heavy trap rave that he’s been listening to lately. Listen to the track and read what Mike has to say about it below.

(via Pitchfork)

Here’s what Mike has to say about the piece:

Talking to [Kenzo creative director] Humberto [Leon], I wanted to honor what he was inspired by: American hardcore like Black Flag, Bad Brains, Circle Jerks but then I wanted to update it, or maybe couldn’t help put to update it… I have been listening to a fair amount of trap records and I think that found it’s way into things on this for sure… I definitely shared Humberto’s passion for American Punk and that raw energy and I think that informs the collection and the soundtrack I did.