Listen To Vampire Weekend’s BBC Takeover

“My first choice is the song ‘Joy (Part 1)’ by Isaac Hayes, because for those hot summer nights, you need something cool to wash things down.” So says Baio, as one-half of the Red Team (with Rostam), which is going head-to-head against the Blue Team (Ezra and Chris T) in a track-for-track one-hour playlist soundclash smackdown for the BBC, recorded in December, airing last night. The theme is hot summer nights, the VMPRWKND banter is pretty adorable, it’ll take you an hour to listen through, and maybe you’ll learn something about your favorite indie rock pinup in the process. (Like, they like Daft Punk, Ke$ha, Sublime, Robin Thicke, and some others also!) Also, good story about Glasslands being the hottest show they ever played. Memories. Listen at the BBC.