Mazzy Star – “California”

Just last week, I wrote the following sentence about the excellent Brooklyn band Widowspeak: “People would go insane if Mazzy Star dropped a new track tomorrow, but nothing Mazzy Star might do in 2013 could be more beautiful than what Widowspeak are actually doing right here.” Well, Mazzy Star have given me a chance to test that theory. The great Cali psych-goth duo have released a new song, “California,” to precede a new album, Seasons Of Your Day, their first since 1996’s Among My Swan. [Insanity ensues.] And yeah, it sounds fucking great to me. I’ll still go with the Widowspeak song, if we have to choose sides here, but man, I am not even sorta unhappy to hear from Mazzy Star at this moment. Check it out, let me know how it sounds to you.

[Via Spin]

01 “In the Kingdom”
02 “California”
03 “I’ve Gotta Stop”
04 “Does Someone Have Your Baby Now”
05 “Common Burn”
06 “Seasons of Your Day”
07 “Flying Low”
08 “Sparrow”
09 “Spoon”
10 “Lay Myself Down”

Seasons Of Your Day is out 9/24 via Rhymes Of An Hour.

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