Watch Earl Sweatshirt And Vince Staples Perform “Hive” Live For Vitaminwater & FADER

Young Earl’s a prodigiously talented rapper, true, but not even he is capable of the vocal backmasking that blanks out some of the more, let’s say “contentious” lyrics on “Hive,” the most recent single from his forthcoming Doris, in this live video. We’ll chalk that up to Vitaminwater, the dominant corporate presence in this live video from a stylized warehouse where Earl’s joined by Vince Staples (though no Casey Veggies), as they take their turns over the track’s ominous, slow-rolling production. With or without the backmasking, Earl does practically inhuman things with his flow; Vince is in it, too, aside from the missed connection on the beat drop between he and Syd Tha Kid at 3:42. Sweatshirt still growing into his stage presence, but we’re watching it happen. Check it:

Doris is out 8/20.