Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

It was pretty toasty this week, with temperatures reaching like, 140°? 150°? It’s the type of week that makes me wish the Stereogum office had working air conditioning. (We have three desk fans, though.) And it seems the heat has made everyone A LITTLE TESTY. Geoff Barrow beefed with the Weeknd. Atoms For Peace slammed Spotify. Take Back The Night was upset with Justin Timberlake. Wavves dissed Kings Of Leon (for copying his song title). And Varg Vikernes was arrested for preparing an act of terrorism, though I don’t think you can chalk that up to the weather. Anyway, the weekend’s here so it’s time to chill. But first grab a cold beverage and check out the Stereogum community’s best and worst comments of the past seven days below.



Ben Cornell | Jul 17th Score:10

haha, exactly. makes me yearn for the good old days of 2011… back when i was… doing pretty much same thing that i am now.

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Jon Robichaud | Jul 17th Score:10

This is good, not bad.

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#8 ga | Jul 17th Score:10

I’m surprised … this is good, already on my third listen and I didn’t think I’d get to that. I’m a fan of their 2nd album and this sorta takes me there with a little guitar work in the style of their latter stuff. It’d be a shame if people shrugged this off without giving it a chance.

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#7 KiDCHAIR | Jul 12th Score:11

Neither does cake, but do you want to live in a world without cake?

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#6 raptor jesus | Jul 12th Score:11

Haha, whoops! I started listening to this and forgot I had fired up an Eluvium track. Needless to say I thought JT was losing his mind near the end of this track in some wall of noise climax.

MY BAD! This is good though. Why can’t the “Take Back the Night” groups just adopt this as a theme song and call it a day?

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Noah Biasco | Jul 17th Score:11

How can anyone call Aha Shake Heartbreak near hookless? Have you actually listened to it? It’s about as hook laden as any alt-rock band can get while still being a rock album.

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#4 donnytilla | Jul 17th Score:11

1. you are the self-proclaimed voice of our generation
2. you’re wrong
3. about everything
0829. rubjohn

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DanandSerenity Johnson | Jul 14th Score:13

This comment sucks.

It’s like chiding movie producers for wanting to sell DVDs: “Wanna make more money from Pacific Rim? Fair enough, take it to Broadway!”

To insinuate that artists don’t deserve to make money off of albums is asinine. Albums are arguably the most valuable form of media that we consume, and yet, people seem to undervalue them the most. I use Spotify as a necessary evil, but I still purchase a ton of music and try to find other ways to support artists. I hope you do too.

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#2 reggieohead | Jul 14th Score:13

I understand that the situation is unfortunate and all, but it’s pretty clear to me that it was unintentional. I don’t think you can fault JT; he wrote the kind of song he typically writes and happened to use the wrong chorus line.

I like the idea of him maybe issuing a statement or apology and donating proceeds would be cool too. I just think it’s unfair to draw conclusions about JT out of what was pretty clearly a mistake.

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Tim Curtin | Jul 17th Score:23

if you can’t hear hooks in the second record, there’s no explaining anything

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#5 livm4nk | Jul 17th Score:-9

Shit. Unsurprisingly enough.

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#4 musicismylife78 | Jul 17th Score:-9

picking and choosing is infantile. Barrow is out of his depth. I think he was naive in what he was doing, and had no idea people would rush to the Weeknds defense.

You cant have it both ways. So im sure Portishead will be pissed off and refuse to take any money when people buy Machine Gun and or Third off iTunes as a result of this, right?

I dont know what else Abel could have done. He’s obviously a big fan, took the time to write them a letter, talked about it openly in a major interview. What else can you do? This wasnt a case of someone trying to slip one past Portishead. Anyone suggesting that is insane.

And again Barrow I think is of the old generation. He’d have to be. The idea that any sample in a song leads people to comment about it, and research the sample and post about it on the original sampled artists youtube, thats basic 101 stuff there.

Samples drum up business for THE ORIGINAL sampled artist.

I think its obvious at least 1 person at the very minimum heard about Machine Gun via the sample, went to iTunes, got Machine gun and or Third.

Barrow should give that money back. its blood money to him

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Devin Tydides Bambrick | Jul 18th Score:-11

Yeah, I don’t think we need Girl Talk anymore.

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Phil Herring | Jul 17th Score:-12

I never understood how Kings Of Leon fans claimed the “early stuff” was so good. The first album has about, oh, one listenable song (“Molly’s Chambers”) and the rest is some of the most hook-less rock I’ve ever had the displeasure of listening to. The second album has some minor (and I do mean minor) improvements. By the third, they at least were not so self-conscious to avoid hooks. The next were perfectly pleasant arena-rock records. Someone please explain.

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Alberto Cadiscos | Jul 14th Score:-17

wanna make more money from your music? Fair enough, THEN TOUR MORE!

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Dr. Feelgood | Jul 18th Score:2

Ah, yes. Townsvaaza (voice trails)…they were very good. What’s that? Ha, yea, I meant he. My favorite song? All of them, probably. Can’t choose one.

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