Download Radiohead’s September 11th Gig

Huge thanks to Glide for hosting this historic gig from the band behind “the greatest album of all time.”

Radiohead @ Parkbuhne Wulheide (Berlin, Germany)
SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

01 National Anthem (MP3)
02 Hunting Bears (MP3)
03 Morning Bell (MP3)
04 My Iron Lung (MP3)
05 Karma Police (MP3)
06 Permanent Daylight (MP3)
07 Climbing Up The Walls (MP3)
08 No Surprises (MP3)
09 Dollars And Cents (MP3)
10 Airbag (MP3)
11 Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box (MP3)
12 Fake Plastic Trees (MP3)
13 I Might Be Wrong (MP3)
14 Pyramid Song (MP3)

“So who here doesn’t know about it? Everybody knows what I’m talking about? Don’t know what I’m talking about? Know about the airplanes in America? … That’s why things are little bit mute tonight. I’m sorry about that. This is called ‘Paranoid Android…'”

15 Paranoid Android (MP3)
16 Idioteque (MP3)
17 Everything In Its Right Place (MP3)
– ENCORE 1 -
18 Like Spinning Plates (MP3)
19 Lucky (MP3)
20 You And Whose Army (MP3)
21 How To Disappear Completely (MP3)
22 Talk Show Host (MP3)

“This is hoping that George Bush doesn’t declare World War III…”

23 Street Spirit (MP3)

Between Oasis, Beck, NIN, Dino Jr., and now this Radiohead gig, my iTunes is rocking all ’90s nostalgia today. (I’m even looking forward to that acoustic Jagged Little Pill CD.) Thinking about having my birthday party at Nerveana next week. Anyone been? Is it cheesy-fun or just cheesy?