Indie Label Color War

We know label peeps read the Gum, but who among you will take the Sub Pop challenge? The NW label’s latest mass e-mail issues an athletic challenge to its peers.

“Consider this an open call for COMPETITION, BITCHEZ! Sub Pop World HQ is now officially challenging any and all of you to a number of athletic-ish competitions, starting with LABEL BOWLING. After bowling, we shall challenge you to LABEL VOLLEYBALL (big ups to Sue in Radio on this plan!), and finally to LABEL BASEBALL. Barsuk? Tooth and Nail? Pattern 25? Dirtnap? K? Kill Rock Stars? Anyone else? You give mommy and daddy a call at 441-8441, and we’ll do this. Winner buys loser a round of the bowling pin-shaped Budweiser. Wait–strike that; reverse it.”

Who wants to get Postal Served?