Nick Catchdubs – “Bizness” (Feat. Iamsu! & Jay Ant)

If we were putting money on it, I’d tell you that Fool’s Gold Records co-owner Nick Catchdubs is the best party DJ in the game right now. In the past few years, he’s dominated Brooklyn and beyond when it comes to throwing down the best tunes for the people on the dancefloor: He can feel out when it’s a party that demands an Atlanta medley or are the kind of people who would lose their minds to hear a seamless weaving of Lil’ Kim’s “Queen Bitch” into Mary J. Blige’s song that samples it, “I Can Love You.” But with so many years of good party vibes-whispering and excellent remixes abound, it was beyond time for Catch to release original material of his own. “Bizness” is his very first solo single, featuring off-kilter, kinetic production, verses from Bay Area rappers Iamsu! and Jay Ant, and a perfectly-placed sample from The Lion King. On top of the original, there are rager-primed remixes from Jeffree’s artist Astronomar and L.A.’s ETC!ETC! and a bananas video — created with alt-comedy network JASH — that flips an office meeting on its head. Check it all out below.

Catchdubs’s “Bizness” single is out digitally now and his full-length LP Smoke Machine will be out later this year, both via Fool’s Gold.