Meet Ray LaMontagne

Ray LaMontagne’s backstory is so inspiring, it’s mentioned in every single piece of press he gets (sorta like M.I.A.). So I apologize if you heard this already.

A few years ago, Ray was living with his family in the rural Maine log cabin he built himself. He awoke at 4:30 each morning to work at the local shoe factory. These were dark times, and Ray admits he was on the verge of suicide. On one particular day, he awoke to Stephen Stills’ “Tree Top Flyer” on the clock radio. It was a life-changing event. He tells Details

“I just sat up in bed and listened. I did not go to work that day; I went to record stores and sought that album out. I just knew. This is what I’m gonna do.

A friend of a friend put Ray in touch with a music publisher, a major label bidding war followed, and now Ray’s rough-hewn country-rock is garnering critical acclaim worldwide. He’ll be opening for Dave Matthews Band later this summer.

I love his story, how this one song changed his life. I’d never even heard of that song before. Anyway, slow-burner Trouble is getting a lot of play on the iPod these days. Rolling Stone’s dubbed him “the backwoods Van Morrison” — it’s a perfect description of his sound. Check out the title track to Ray’s debut, and the song that changed his life.

Ray LaMontagne – “Trouble” [Link Removed]
Stephen Stills – “Tree Top Flyer” [Link Removed]