Preview Arcade Fire’s Cover Of Peter Gabriel’s “Games Without Frontiers”

Earlier today, we learned that the long-planned, long-forgotten Peter Gabriel tribute album And I’ll Scratch Yours is actually happening and that Arcade Fire have actually recorded their long-denied cover of “Games Without Frontiers,” a really great song from Gabriel’s self-titled 1980 album. And now the band have posted a 40-second clip of the song, and yes, it really does sound like a faithful version of the song, deeply goofy lyrics very much included. Check it out below.

And in other Arcade Fire news, producer (and former LCD Soundsystem) member James Murphy had some more words about the band’s forthcoming fourth album, out 10/29. Murphy tells Billboard that the experience of working with the band was “way better than I expected it to be. Producing is always really hard, and you can never tell who’s going to be easy to get along with and who’s going to be difficult. So I wasn’t sure what was going to be the case, since there’s a lot of them. I figured, they’re all super talented, do they need another dude there with his opinions? It turned out it was really nice, and everyone was amazingly respectful of one another.” Of the album’s direction, he adds, “I dealt with the holistic record in a non-verbal way. We don’t talk about where the songs come from unless somebody says, ‘What I’m going for is more this…’ That’s all I got into. I’m not trying to conduct an opera, or a rock opera — a ‘ropera’ in this case.”

(via ArcadeFireTube)

And I’ll Scratch Yours is out 9/23 on Real World.