Annie – “Ralph Macchio”

Annie’s 2013 EP A&R is a five-song collabo with producer Richard X, most of which we’ve wrapped our ears around already: See “Back Together,” “Hold On,” “Invisible.” Today’s track has the best title of the lot, though, and yes, it is about the crane-kicking cousin of Vinnie, Ralph Macchio. More specifically, it is a bubbly pop-cut about having a crush on Ralph Macchio, and its attendant 8-bit bleeps are appropriately evocative of the era when children played Nintendo at night and dressed up like circular shower-stalls at Halloween. Annie tells Noisey that the crush was real, which is not difficult to believe; in the ’80s, it was common practice to wax on (and off) to Daniel LaRusso. You read that right.

Hear “Ralph Macchio” at Idolator.

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