Who Is Mike Jones?

He’s the dude I’m sorta sick of hearing about. Between the constant late-nite Jamster spots and Monday night’s MTV takeover, Stereogum’s TV’s been all screw’d lately. For those of us who don’t guzzle syrup while refreshing Houston So Real, Kelefa Sanneh’s article is a useful cheat sheet.

Of course if you read Catchdubs you already know your Big Moe from your Lil’ Flip. And you definitely want to order Oh Snap. It’s brilliant and I’m not just saying that ’cause Nick promised me a free copy at the dry cleaners Tuesday morning. (Yes, bloggers meet up at the dry cleaners — Jennifer 8. Lee exposé TK.)

If you have no idea what the fuck this post is about, don’t worry — I don’t either. It’s the obligatory rap update to score points with Ray LaMontagne haters.

New Kanye anyone?

UPDATE: I almost forgot!
Hollertronix – “Still Tippin Toxic” (Mike Jones VS Britney Federline) (MP3)