KEN mode – “Secret Vasectomy” Video

The last video released by Winnipeg noise-metal trio KEN mode was legitimately, quite possibly, the most metal video I’ve ever seen, full of leather-clad warrior women and robed druid priests and images of Baphomet and winter landscapes. They’re following that up with a clip of … little kids brushing their teeth and drawing with crayons. It’s still pretty metal: The brushing and drawing is about as intense as the music, and the music is fucking intense; also, the drawings rendered by these kids are at least slightly disquieting. It’s “To Be Continued,” so the next phase of these kids and/or their creations could get a whole lot weirder. Watch.

KEN mode’s excellent Entrench (the album of which “Secret Vasectomy” appears) is out now via Season Of Mist.

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