Deap Vally – “Bad For My Body”

The Los Angeles duo of Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards, known to certain fans of howling garage rock as Deap Vally, were one of our recommendations for less obvious acts to watch at Coachella ’13. I’d caught them a few months before, during a boozy CMJ day show at Williamsburg’s Public Assembly. “Boozy” is a descriptor for the crowd (which was lit on shit, free beer at 3PM) and not (necessarily) the band. Overall, though, the situation was a conducive state of affairs for Deap Vally’s brand of thumping, rusty blues rock, which somehow evokes the notion of “free beer” as easily as it does the obligatory descriptors folks cram into posts about the duo. (Those obligatory descriptors being: White Stripes, Black Keys, all female.) The ladies’ Sistrionix LP is out this October, but you can hear its single “Bad For My Body” right now at SPIN.

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