New Mystery Jets Video – “Half In Love With Elizabeth”

The Mystery Jets put out a great album with Twenty One, and are great at not letting us forget it by continuing to put out better than average videos. The awesome ’80s of “Two Doors Down” was fun, the Laura Marling starring “Young Love” was cute, but this one comes with a twist. As the title tells, the song’s about a traitorous heart. That image captures the moment She finds the secret altar that the Man Who Sleeps In His Clothes keeps, dedicated to his Other Love. Here I always thought Elizabeth was like a Roxanne, or a Holly, but she is actually much richer than those characters. In the words of Cleo McDowell: She’s got her own money. And when I say she’s got her own money, I mean she has got her own money.

The track comes from Twenty One which is out via 679 Recordings. “Half In Love” also will anchor an EP containing some previously unreleased tunes; you can download an MP3 mash-up with bits of the new (featuring Kate Nash and Florence & The Machine) by heading here.

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