Best Coast, Wavves, Black Lips, Hunx Model Garage-Rock Fashion For GQ

’60s-style garage-rock seems to exist in a state of perpetual revival, but the people making the music these days sure dress nicer than they did back in the ’90s bowling-shirt era. Someone at GQ (where, full disclosure, I’ve done some freelance work) noticed, and they put together a new photo spread that features various leading lights of the scene looking fancy in extremely expensive clothes. Best Coast, Wavves, the Black Lips, Hunx & His Punx, the Raveonettes, and Hanni El Khatib all get their Derek Zoolander on, and you can see the slideshow here and watch a quick GQ-produced video about them below.

Now, have fun imagining a universe where Rocket From The Crypt and the Mono Men did one of these 18 years ago.