Foo Fighters Photoshop Contest

Your response to the new Foo Fighters single is mixed, but we all seem to agree it’s tailor-made for a TV commercial. Your job: design a fake advertisement in which the Foos sell out, Intuition stizz. Choose a real product, anything you want.

For example: Right Guard Xtreme Ultra Gel Brings Out THE BEST IN YOU. With requisite image of Dave Grohl applying deodorant backstage.

Except yours should be more outlandish if possible. The only rule is that the phrase “Best Of You” has to be used in the fake campaign’s tagline. We’re looking for e-mailed .jpgs, but if anyone wants to create a 30 second video with “Best Of You” as background music, go ahead.

The winner of this Photoshop contest (judges TBD) will receive the Foo Fighters’ new CD In Your Honor (yes an actual CD!) and bragging rights.

Send entries to contests [at] Don’t post the .jpg links in the comments ’cause that ruins the fun and you’ll be disqualifizzled.
DUE DATE: Friday 5/6 6 PM

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