Lightning Bolt – “Barbarian Boy” (Stereogum Premiere)

The pioneering Providence noise-punk beasts Lightning Bolt are DIY-scene pillars, and they might seem like a strange fit for the Adult Swim Singles Series. But the people putting that series of free songs together have been showing some very good taste, and Lightning Bolt, when they’re in full masked-up regalia, could be characters on any number of Adult Swim shows, so it makes sense. Lightning Bolt’s contribution to the series is called “Barbarian Boy,” and it’s maybe the most straightforward song I’ve ever heard from the duo. The track certainly has its share of feedbacky insanity, but drummer Brian Chippendale sticks to one basic pulse throughout, and the song’s “Tarzan Boy”-style chanting is actually catchy. Stream it below.

For this summer’s full Adult Swim Singles Series, head over here. “Barbarian Boy” will be up for free download on Monday.