New Pras: ‘Haven’t Found’

Pras, who previously turned Kenny/Dolly duet “Islands In The Stream” into the infectious “Ghetto Supastar,” is now looking for inspiration in U2’s back catalog. The Fugee’s new single samples “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.” He tells Rolling Stone:

“I got Bono’s cell number, and I called and asked him. He said, ‘Really, my biggest record of all time?’ I sent him the idea, he played it for the rest of the band, and they loved it. Bono called me back and said, ‘Listen, I’ve never cleared a record for anyone, but I’m a fan of the Fugees and a fan of you. If this record can help you, go ahead and take it.'”

Not sure if I love it or hate it. I think I wanna hate it, but I sorta love it. Pras’ new album “drops” (as the kids say) on Flag Day.
Pras – “Haven’t Found” (Windows)
Pras – “Haven’t Found” (Real)