New Bon Iver – “Blood Bank” (Live)

Through all the nights I’ve spent with Bon Iver over the past year, somehow I’ve never brushed up against the band while they were in a roadtesting mood. Last night Dodge at My Old Kentucky Blog did, though, catching two new songs: “Blood Bank” and the yes-it’s-spelled-this-way “Babys.” And it turns out someone’s had “Blood Bank” on YouTube since the band’s show in Montreal earlier this summer. It sounds like what you’d expect from a guy who’s recently started writing again while not locked in a cabin, and with a band around: like it was meant to command a crowd from the very start, and with a band around.

Nice song. People are amazed at Bon Iver’s ascent, but it’s simple: when he sings, you can feel it. Whenever we come across “Babys,” you’ll know. Lots happening for Mr. Vernon — from producing the long awaited Land Of Talk full-length to other promising rumblings not confirmed to the point of “official news” just yet — so while it may be awhile before we hear a For Emma follow-up, there’s little doubt it’ll be worth the time spent holding steady.

[Pic from Fork Fest ’08]

UPDATE: Here’s the studio version:

Bon Iver – “Blood Bank” (MP3)


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