Cassette Store Day Expands With Animal Collective, The Flaming Lips, Volcano Choir, And More

Even taking into account its tendency to melt when left on car dashboards, the cassette probably remains my single favorite music format of all time. So compact! So easy to shoplift! So idiosyncratically wobbly! Such a nice smell when you first open it up! And though tapes are now a fringe connoisseur thing only, the Record Store Day offshoot Cassette Store Day, which goes down 9/7, will celebrate the format with some limited-edition cassette releases of records both new and old.

The day will include tape editions of new albums like Volcano Choir’s Repave, the Flaming Lips’ The Terror, JJ DOOM’s Keys To The Kuffs Butter Edition, Guided By Voices’ English Little League, HAIM’s Forever EP, and Potty Mouth’s The Spins. It’ll also be your chance to get older albums like Animal Collective’s Sung Tongs and Fucked Up’s Hidden World on tape. Check here for the complete list of releases, which is still growing.