London Grammar – “Feelings”

UK experimental rock trio London Grammar’s sound is usually marked by an atmospheric and largely electronic aesthetic, and by singer Hannah Reid’s striking, powerful vocal delivery (which she recently lent to Disclosure). In “Feelings,” a new track from the group’s upcoming Strong EP, Reid’s voice is as stratospheric and intimate as ever — but the group has traded in their moody aura for something closer to Paul Simon’s 1990 world music record The Rhythm Of The Saints. (Seriously, listen to the track and then check this out).

All Latin American smooth-electric guitars and percussive grooves, “Feelings” is an earthy and incredibly emotive track. Could it signal a change in direction for the group? Probably not — the Strong EP, due out in September, is actually a collection of remixes of the track “Strong,”  which will appear on their debut studio album, If You Wait, just one week later; “Feelings” is the only other new song on that EP. But if this does mean London Grammar is taking a turn toward a more natural sound, it’s proof that they can pull it off. Listen.

Strong EP is due out on 9/1, and If You Wait is due 9/9, both via Metal & Dust Recordings.