Moby And Wayne Coyne Need A Gimp Gymnast And Other Extras In L.A.

Moby and Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne have apparently made a song together, which could be interesting, and they need some help for the video they’re making. On his website, Moby has posted a list of some of the extras that they’re looking for, and you’re never going to believe this, but they have some very specific requirements. So, are you a rhythmic gymnast comfortable in an S&M gimp getup? A rollerskating (not rollerblading) ghost? A choir-singing goth who is comfortable with nudity? A member of a punk rock brass band? Well, if you’re in Los Angeles, you could be in the music video! Maybe you’ll be naked and gruesomely murdered! That sounds fun, right? Moby’s list of requirements, which is almost inevitably more entertaining than the video could ever be, is here.

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