This Frontier Needs Heroes – “Hooky” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

After two records based in Brooklyn, Jessica and Brad Lauretti, the siblings at the front of This Frontier Needs Heroes, shifted into a mode of long-distance collaboration for LP3: Brad headed south, to Jacksonville, FL, and Jessica staying relatively local. The space did them good, and gave them Hooky, a record retaining their folk-intoned roots while expanding in terms of geography, personnel, and as evinced by the title track’s official video, a heightened cinematic quality. The clip, directed by Jessica with Bek Andersen as Director of Photography, features two pretty young things traipsing about in some highly recognizable, iconic Williamsburg settings: skateboarding under the BQE, lifting in the neighborhood instrument store Main Drag, fooling in my office and on my roof. (Full disclosure: This video was partially shot in my office and on my roof!) There’s a vintage feel to Brad’s guitar and tenor, and a nostalgic quality to the attendant visuals, pairing poetically with this couple’s modern look and their post-industrial (but rapidly gentrifying) neighborhood. On a personal note, I am leaving this apartment and neighborhood soon, after strong five years, and I feel lucky to have this as a document. Even if you don’t live in or near any of its backdrops, it’s a moving audio/visual, here:

Hooky is out. Keep up with TFNH at their website.