Watch The Mountain Goats Debut “Animal Mask” At Newport Folk Festival

In what I imagine was a weird and electric scene for both John Darnielle and the audience, the Mountain Goats recently played the historically significant Newport Folk Festival. And during their set, Darnielle took the opportunity to debut “Animal Mask” a new song that concerns two things relevant to my interests: Seeing your child born, and a pro-wrestling steel cage battle royal. (The kid-being-born stuff, though, is implicit, whereas the wrestling stuff is concrete.) NPR recorded the show, so the video you’ll see below looks and sounds great, and “Animal Mask,” which strikes me as a very good song, begins at the 3:39 mark.

(via Prefix)

This world would be a better place if every Newport Folk Festival performer had to explain some aspect of professional wrestling during her set. Jackson Browne: “So an inferno match was when the ropes were on fire and Kane would try to engulf his opponent in flames. Anyway, here’s a song I wrote; it’s called ‘These Days.'”