Shins @ Webster Hall 4/25/05

Last night at Webster Hall: Brunettes bored, Dungen piped in between sets, and the Shins had us hanging on every note.

It was the end of a three night Shins stint in New York City and despite minor gripes about the sound and the venue, I left satisfied (and was home by midnight). The band was clearly having a great time as were the 2,000 well-behaved Garden State fans in attendance.

No big setlist surprises. James promised a new album before the end of the year and debuted a song or two from it. The band also did a cool Stephin Merritt cover. Help me fill in the gaps where I forgot to jot down (can you jot on a Sidekick II?) the song title.

  • Kissing The Lipless
  • When I Goosestep
    Dave plucks “Sunshine Of Your Love” and James addresses the packed house: “It smells like my birthday in here. I was born on 4/20 y’all…” He’s been saying something to this effect at every show.
  • Mine’s Not A High Horse
  • Girl Inform Me
  • ?
  • Pink Bullets
  • Turn A Square
  • ?
    James introduces the “old school shit”…
  • Know Your Onion!
  • ?
  • Saint Simon
  • Pressed In A Book
  • New Slang
  • Young Pilgrims
  • Girl On The Wing
  • Gone For Good
  • Caring Is Creepy
    – – -
  • Strange Powers (Mag Fields cover)
  • One By One All Day
  • So Says I
Here are my terrible pics:

I want to buy a digital camera (preferably under $500) for taking decent photos at concerts. Any recommendations? Doesn’t have to be pocket-sized.

Anyway, I don’t have an MP3s from last night for you, but here are TWO cuts from last week’s Shins show at Canada’s Kool Haus. Enjoy.

The Shins – “When I Goosestep (Live In Toronto 4/17/05)” (MP3)
The Shins – “Turn A Square (Live In Toronto 4/17/05)” (MP3)

Stereogum’s favorite Shins memory: Backstage at the 2002 Siren Fest, James approaches me to compliment my Huey Lewis t-shirt. He wants to continue talking about Huey Lewis but I get shy and walk away. It’s hip to be square.