New Zutons Video – “What’s Your Problem”

I give up. I’ve spent the past 70 minutes trying to recall the vid posted somewhere in these pages which features nothing but tight shots of goofy faces getting slapped in slow-motion, rippling cheek fat and all. (UPDATE: Thanks Ian, for figuring it out!) Because it’s a very relaxing way to spend 70 minutes (no), but mostly because it’s relevant — this new Zutons video follows much the same blueprint, although the scenes have more depth and dimension to them: We get backstories! (Jogger bumps into biker and they bicker, married couple bickers, diners bicker, museum attendees flick ears. And bicker.) Also for some reason there’s water balloons. Ultimately it’s a reminder that you never look sillier than when you are angry and of fleshy face and getting slapped in slow motion while a horny good-times Zutons song is in the background. So you should probably try to avoid that next time.

The Zutons’ You Can Do Anything is out via Columbia.

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