Cult Exciter – “In The Wave”

Cult Exciter is a duo with a brief bio: “from the caribbean to brooklyn, two friends work on an audio visual project.” With “In The Wave” we get a sense of the aural portion, a sensual brew of spare, bottom-heavy beat production, minimal jazz horn, and a soulful female vocal carrying the weight of all the yearn and pheromone in the world. The track is chill-out music for ambient hours, simple but enveloping, calibrated for the transitional moments before (or after) acts of destruction (or, the opposite). The pair have been friends since middle school in the Dominican Republic but began collaborating artistically only after their move to Brooklyn, with academic concentrations in fashion and music/film between them. “In The Wave” comes paired with a basic video (paramecium feeding on a microscope slide), but it’s the photo above that’s more suggestive of their visual direction: It comes from the personal collection of the singer’s grandfather, whose hobby was to drive around in the DR and on Long Island in the ’70s with a police radio in order to descend upon and snap photographs of car crashes. Take that, and hear “In The Wave,” here:

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